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Game Rules

Slotland casino proudly presents the Magic, a genuine 5-wheel 5-payline slot machine game. Endless combinations of its symbols allow many exciting possibilities to win. No download needed, just open an account and place your bets .

Before spinning, you must place a bet. You can bet 1, 2 or 4 half dollar coins ($0.50, $1.00, $2.00) on each of the paylines. The payoffs for a winning line are based on the amount bet on that line, not the total amount bet on all lines. To see the payoffs look at the payoff chart.

THE GAME contains 5 wheels which create 5 paylines. Each payline which has a bet placed on it can win. All winnings are paid both from left to right and from right to left. This means that the first winning symbol must be on the leftmost reel or rightmost reel. Also, the symbols must be in order. Only the SUN symbol is special and pays in any position on all lines.

WINNINGS: Continuing our example above, line 1, line 3 and line 5 are winning lines. Two diamonds on the first line would double your bet and win $2.00. Three scrolls on line 3 would pay off 100 times your bet if you had placed any. And finally, line 5 would double your bet as it contains 3 SUN symbols which pay in any position on the line.


THE BONUS is based on the player winning individual letters until the word "MAGIC" is spelled. To win a letter, gray symbols which appear after every spin on each of wheels must make a payline and you had to place a bet on that payline. If the word "MAGIC" is spelled out, you will get one free BONUS SPIN. Every bonus spin will win 5 symbols of the same kind on one of paylines. In other words, a minimum win is x50. The amount won will be based on the amount bet on the last normal spin. This is where strategy plays a role - you may want to increase your bet when you are close to earning the bonus spin.

spell 'MAGIC' to win a bonus spin

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