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Tops & Bottoms - How to play this game

How to play this game

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 Tops & Bottoms  Casino Lux  
Tops & Bottoms
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How to play this game

To play the Multi-line Slot Machine just drop Casino chips into the slot and pull the handle (by clicking on it) or click the SPIN button to rotate the reels. You may bet 1 to 5 coins to activate 1 to 5 play lines - the total number of coins bet equals the total number of activated play lines. The reels will spin independently and then come to rest randomly on various symbols at the Play Lines (three horizontal lines running across the reels and two diagonal lines). The activated play lines will be lit up, the inactive play lines will be grayed out.
If any of the activated play lines display a winning combination according to the posted payout table, the machine will pay out the indicated amount(s) by increasing your coin credits (shown as a CREDIT meter on the machine face). Multiple winning combinations will be added up. For example, if you have two winning combinations on lines 2 and 4, you will be paid for both lines.

5-line Slot Machines Game Controls
Spin Handle The handle on the side of the machine will be activated as soon as you bet the minimum number of coins required for a spin. Clicking on the red tip will activate and spin the reels.
Bet One Click this button to bet one coin of the selected value. Clicking the button more than once will add coins to the current spin. You may bet a maximum of 3 coins of selected value.
Bet Max Click this button to bet the maximum number of coins.
Spin Click this button to spin the reels or use the handle on the side of the machine.
Spin 10x Click this button to play 10 games in a row. This allows you to play more games in less time, and saves you the trouble of clicking Spin each time. The machine will stop briefly after each game so you can see the result. Payouts from winning lines will be paid to your Coin Credits as usual. Once the Spin 10x cycle is started, it cannot be interrupted until it runs through all ten games.
Coins Out Click this button to remove all coins from the machine and add them back to your casino balance.
Coin Value Choose your preferred coin value. You are welcome to change coin value without leaving the game.
Credit Counter This is your total number of coins in the machine. Please note that this is not the total value of coins, just their number. For example, if you deposit 5 coins of $5 value into the machine, you have deposited a total of $25, but the Credit Counter will display the number 5 to indicate the total number of coins. If you change the coin setting to $1, your coin credits will increase to 25 to indicate that you have 25 $1 coins.
Coins Bet Counter This is the total number of coins you are betting for a single spin. You may change this number between spins, except during the "Spin 10x" cycle.
Lines Played Counter This is the total number of lines you are playing in a single spin. You may change this number between spins, except during the "Spin 10x" cycle.

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