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Slots Ahoy! - How to play this game

How to play this game

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 Slots Ahoy!  Casino on Net  
Slots Ahoy!
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How to play this game

  1. To begin playing, click "Insert Money".
  2. To change the denomination (5c, 25c, 50c, $1, $2) of each credit, switch the denomination toggle, on the left side of the Slot Machine. (Please note that this option is only applicable on our non-progressive Slot Machines.)
  3. In the Slot Machine's Credit Box you may view your current credit balance.
  4. To bet the maximum credits allowed (amount differs between machines), click "Play Max".
  5. To bet an amount less than the maximum credits allowed, click "Bet One" for each credit you wish to bet. Then, click "Spin Reels" to start the Slot Machine.
  6. The Slot Machine's different winning combinations are displayed on the top of the machine.
  7. When hitting a winning combination, the appropriate payout amount will flash on the Payout Table. You may also see how much you have won by viewing the "Winner Paid" box.
  8. Please note that in some cases your payout winnings may be additionally multiplied by special Wild Symbols.
  9. If you wish to try to change your luck, by trying another machine, click the "Switch Machine" button. You will be taken to another Slot Machine, but with the same game.

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